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Derby Handgun Challenge 2023

Photos of the event can be found at the bottom of this page and in the Image Gallery



The results can be seen.... Please let me have any challenges before the 27th August please.


Congratulations to Glenn Gorden for his achievement in the Aggregates and almost everything else!


A special mention to David Gwalter for setting a new British Record in the LBP 1020 with a Maximum score and 91 X's.


We are aware that the competition clashed with the Europeans and we could have had more people attending. However the GR callendar is getting fuller every year and leaves little room for maneuver. If you have any suggestions about another time of year please let me know. We want the event to grow.

See you next year!

For JSPCs report on the competition please follow this link:


Please wait while the PDF viewers below load - You can scroll through the events at the top of each document.


Aggregate Results

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