Latest NEWS!  the club has replaced 4 of the older Ruger 10/22s with 4 new 10/22's with match barrels, this will mean better reliability and much greater accuracy for you! 

As a probationary member you are required to a attend no less than 15 club sessions within a 6 month period for non FAC holders and 3 months and 6 visits for those with a FAC, after this time and upon completion of your 6/15 visits, and 3/6 months have expired you will be invited to become a full member but only if your safety log shows competence and safe shooting throughout your probationary period and you are approved by the committee.

Probationary members are reminded that your ongoing assessment is not just based on your ability to hit the target, but also your attitude, mannerisms and how you interact with other club members and more so your ability to follow instruction and show respect to RCO's.


Your probationary membership can be extended or terminated at any point if the committee feel it necessary to do so!    

During your probationary period the club may organise introductory sessions on B and C ranges with full boar centre fire firearms, instruction on handling and safe use will be explained along with other aspects of shooting such as how to zero both iron sites and optical sites and achieve good groupings.  when such training sessions are arranged it is hoped you will come along as this will form part of the assessment process the club will make on your safe use and handling of firearms.       

You will be required to undertake a proficiency test at the end of you probationary period whereby you will demonstrate your ability to handle firearms safely and deal with any stoppages or malfunctions which may present them selves to you while on the firing point.

If you are over 18 you will also be required to undertake the club RCO course, this mandatory for all members of the club and ensures we are all trained up to a high standard.  


It is beneficial that during your probationary period you ask the RCO's how you should deal with malfunctions even if none occur, dealing with problems if they do occur should become second nature to you, not just for the safety of those around you but your own safety as well.  Remember the firearm is under your control 100% of the time.       

While using club firearms during your club session please refer any problems or issues you may have with the firearm to the RCO, this will enable the armourer to check and if necessary rectify the issue.



Safety is everyone's responsibility





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