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DRPC1999 runs various training courses during the year.


Our Club is also affiliated with three major  National shooting organisation which all offer local or centrally run courses which promote safe shooting  plus; courses to enhance a shooter’s skill in a large number of rifle, smooth bore, airgun, crossbow and pistol disciplines.  Useful and interesting Club and Association Courses, are mentioned here.

Because DRPC1999 is affiliated to these organisations; it is possible for our Members to attend courses and events of these National Organisations without having to become a direct fee paying subscriber. Full membership of these Associations though may be beneficial if you have a keen interest in one of their specific shooting disciplines. 

The National Rifle Association (NRA

The NRA was founded in 1859 and is the National Governing Body of full bore rifle and pistol shooting sports in the United Kingdom. It is based at Bisley Camp in Surrey.

The NRA promotes a very wide range of shooting sports: -

NRA Accredited Courses on the Safe use of Firearms

The Safe use of Firearms at the beginners level are covered by  the NRA’s offer of two  courses for Probationary Members  and at:- 

The NRA’s  most advanced courses are those giving Nationally recognised qualifications which allow candidates to supervise either Club shooting events, as a Range Safety Officer ; up to a qualification which is necessary to be able to supervise shoots, using a wide variety of firearms, on Ministry of Defence Ranges as a Range Conducting Officer  – such as at firings on Bisley Camp in Surrey, or Sennybridge in Powys, Barnard Castle in County Durham and others locations throughout the UK.

Range Safety Officer

Range Conducting  Officer (MOD)

You will need to pass the Range Safety Officer Course to be eligible to apply for the Range Conducting Officer Course.

This last Course is over two days and is the most advanced Range Safety qualification listed by the NRA.  This Course also gives an interesting first introduction to the Design Considerations when designing a Firing Range. (see DRPC1999 recommendations below).

Additional  RCO Endorsement qualifications are necessary if you wish to act as Range Conducting Officer on MOD Ranges involving Muzzle Loaded firearms or Sporting Rifles, or Ranges where the Targets are not fixed. (for example; see MLAGB Range Conducting Officer Endorsement Course below)

NRA Accredited Courses on Shooting Skills Development

There are many NRA accredited courses which aim to enhance the skills of shooters in the various specific aspects of their chosen sport. These include Target and Match and Sporting rifle shooting at various distances from 10 to 1200 yards, Clay pigeon and Target Shotgun, Gallery Rifle, Muzzle Loading firearms, Disabled shooting and Civilian Service Rifle.

 Go here for these NRA Skills Training Courses

Go here for the NRA Course for Club Instructor

Go here for the full range of NRA Handbooks

(reproduced by kind permission of the UK National Rifle Association)



Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain (MLAGB

The MLAGB was founded in 1952 and is the Governing Body for muzzle loading within the UK.

MLAGB Accredited Courses on the Safe use of Black Powder Firearms

Two Courses are run each year by Allan Whiffin who is Secretary of the MLAGB   ( One Course gives a basic familiarization with the dark arts of Black Powder Long guns and Pistols. It covers from matchlocks, wheellocks, snaplock, flintlocks Percussion firearms. A second, more advanced Course is the Range Conducting Officer Endorsement qualification necessary to conduct live firing on Ministry of Defence Ranges using Muzzle Loaded firearms.

Allan Whiffin is contactable on .  These day long, very hands-on, Courses; are normally held in Bisley but can be arranged on more local Ranges if there is a decent quorum. Here is some information kindly sent by Allan, which is a short introduction to Muzzle Loaded firearms which he uses in his famous Lectures.



(reproduced by kind permission of the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain)


Introduction to muzzle loading

National Small-bore Rifle Association  (NSRA


Is the National Governing Body for all Small-bore Rifle and Pistol Target Shooting in the United Kingdom, including Airgun and Match Crossbow Shooting.

and also at:

NSRA runs all sorts of courses on Safety at a wide variety of levels.

and Coaching schemes for National down to Club level here:

(reproduced by kind permission of the National Small-bore Rifle Association) 


DRPC1999 (

The Club normally runs refresher Courses on use of the Range Trauma Kits and the Defibrillator Unit. Also the refresher on Hand Loading is interesting from a skill development and also; and more importantly, from a safety point of view

More advanced reading on the requirements for the design and safe operation of Ranges of all types, mentioned above as part of the MOD Range Conducting Officer  Course, is contained in the formidable Joint Services Publication  known as JSP 403, here:

Some of the JSP 403 Volumes concern  Battle Ranges and therefore are not relevant to Civilian Ranges; so JSP 403 Volume 2, Chapter 2 – Range Design Criteria and Specifications -  is recommended as a good general starting point and which is more relevant to the Club Ranges at Twyford;  is here: 

Any queries or questions:

There may be assistance available from the Club to attend some of the accredited Courses mentioned.

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