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Derby Rifle and Pistol Club 1999 has spent a large amount of time and money developing the complex at Twyford and as a result we think that it is one of the best ranges in the country, although we may not have the longest range about, the combination of facilities makes it very appealing to many types of shooter.

25mtr range

The main part of the complex is a clubhouse with 16 internal firing points also there are full kitchen and dining facilities along with a comfortable lounge. The range is wheelchair friendly having no steps or ramps to hinder access.

We have male, female and disabled toilets and a shower room for members to use and those camping over night during events.
"A" range is fully floodlit (25m) for evening sessions and the firing points have infra-red heaters for added comfort during the colder winter months.

drpc1999 25mtr firing points
drpc1999 coverd 25mtr range
25mtr turning targets

The lounge has plenty of seating and the large double glazed window looks out onto the firing points
We have a fully equipped kitchen, tea and coffee are available for a small charge.

As an addition to the catering facilities we also have a large gas fired barbecue for outdoor use. The club dining room also doubles up as the committee room once a month and as with the lounge the windows look out over the firing points. The clubhouse also has a large target board storage room and numerous lockers are available to members. 

drpc1999 club room
drpc1999 dining room
drpc1999 kitchen

The 50 metre B range, consists of 5 firing points and is fitted with a state of the art set of electronic turning targets, also barricade sockets have been fitted at 50 & 25 metres to allow for LBR shooters.

It is a great addition to the facilities. Being a fully independent walk forward range it can be used for many disciplines.

50mtr range

The 50 metre B range

Our main range, the C range consists of 12 firing points at 50m 12 at 100 and 8 at 200 (actually 187yds due to the Twyford brook ) there are shooting benches at each distance and the 200 point has a raised all weather covered platform and full set of turning targets are fitted to complete the setup.

100yrds at C Range

The C range from behind the 50 point

200mtr firing point

The 200 All weather firing point

view from the 100mtr firing point

View from the 200 firing point

As you can see we have an excellent facility at DRPC 1999 and over the coming years we will try to continue the improvements and develop it with even more, to satisfy every type of target shooter.

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