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Welcome to the Derby Open 2024


Sunday is filling up fast, but there are spaces on Friday and Saturday. Still send your entry and we will do our best, however you may not get events in your chosen order.


As a previous competitor please see attached entry form.
Post it if you wish or scan and email it back to me


Please note: ·        
In T&P1 and Multi-Target there is a separate class for LBPs and LBRs with iron sights. ·        
For GR Classic the ‘spirit of the Original’ must endure. ·        
There are events for GR Open, however please note you are not permitted to use a GR Standard or GR Classic rifle to compete in this event.

Most of the sponsors from 2023 have agreed to support us again plus two new ones, and we will put on the best prize table possible.

We are expecting a big demand so return your entry form quickly. If you can shoot some events on Friday, you will have a better chance of being squadded for all the events you want.

Team Derby looks forward to seeing you all!



                Jim Smith

                Match Director

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