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.22 Rifles


The new club rifles are fully commissioned, and ready for all to use during club sessions. (There is still one of the old Standard 10/22's, CZ bolt action .22, and Marlin Lever Action 38/357 available for use).


The rifles are brand new Ruger 10/22 Target Lite models;

Rifle 1

Stock Length:  SHORT, Scope Hight:  MEDIUM

Rifle 2

Stock Length:  AVERAGE, Scope Hight:  HIGH


Rifle 3


Stock Length:  AVERAGE, Scope Hight:  MEDIUM

Rifle 4

Stock Length:  LONG, Scope Hight:  MEDIUM

Fullbore Rifle

DRPC1999 has recently purchased a .223 Bolt Action Rifle - this is available to use during club sessions

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