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From the Safety Officer


Guide to the New Rules which operate on DRPC Ranges


The installation of the Canopy on B Range has enabled the Club take the time to review in detail, the way we operate our Ranges at Twyford.


We have now received Certification from our Range Safety Consultant for use of the new Canopy, along with various other changes to our existing firing procedures at DRPC.



As a result; a new Version 3 of the V3 Guide to DRPC Range Requirements is now implemented (Click Here); and the changes to the way we can now operate have been highlighted in green. A copy of this new information will be put on the Notice Board in front of the RO desk on A Range and elsewhere around the Twyford Range Complex.



In summary, and effective immediately:- The Low Velocity (LV) Power limits have been increased on A Range to bring them in line with the NRA Gallery Rifle limits; so now .357 and .44 Mag should be OK on A range. Please double check what this may mean for you, as of course, you as the firer, remain responsible for the safety of your firearm and ammunition within the Range power limits. Muzzle Loaders may like to check with the Armourer or the Safety Officer to see if they can now use ammunition loads which previously failed the previous A Range limits but may now be OK to use because of these new, higher, limits now operating on this Range.


Specific types of Hard Targets (Falling Plates, but not skittles) made from the correct metals, can now be used in Club Competitions and events only; when placed directly under the Canopy on B Range.


Shot gun solid slug can only be used on B Range – alternate firing points please – 1,3,5.


Various new firing positions have been approved. Standing sitting and kneeling may now be possible at 75 and 100 yards on C Range. Any Member wanting to use these positions must first undergo instruction and assessment by the Chief Range Officer (CRO) Dave Holt. Contact Dave Holt for details of the rules relating to shooting at these positions and to make arrangements to undergo personal certification. Firing from a squat position is not allowed on any range.



The permitted use of LBPs and LBRs on all Ranges and their permitted firing positions has been clarified.


Minimum distances between the firer and the target are now specified and cover a larger number of options. These are specified by Range, target type and firearm type.


All these, and other administrative changes are being written into the Range Safety Document and the updated Document will be issued in January.

Training and Skills Sessions at DRPC1999 – Trauma Kits/CPR/Ammo Loading


This is advanced notice of three different Safety and Skills Development sessions which will be held later this year. Some of this is outlined on the Club website under “Safety and Training”.


John Jab has now concluded his Traumamer Kit training, further training may be offered on an as and when requirement.

Richie L will be repeating his CPR & Defibrillator &, for the first time, Heimlich Manoeuvre, training on Wednesday January 15th @ 7pm and repeated again on  Sunday 19th January @ Noon

(One of our Members who attended a CPR/Defibrillator session last year, helped keep a heart attack victim going until the cavalry arrived. So these sessions CAN be useful, especially if it’s you on the floor!)


Ammunition Loading Skills

Ian S ran his first reloading skills session on the 17th which was well attended and generated many questions,  An extension of this course was due to be held on Sunday 8th December @ Noon this session will now not go-ahead as subject matter was covered in the first session.


As usual; these Courses and Sessions are optional and there is no exam involved at the end.


So, put these dates in your diary if you are interested. Further details will be sent around closer to the actual dates.

Club Benchrest Competitions


The club runs three bench-rest competitions that are shot throughout the year. Club members shoot as many entries as they want, handing them in for scoring as and when they are shot. At the end of the year the best card submitted is the winner.


There are three competitions, two rimfire and a centrefire. Details are:


.22 rimfire short range

This is shot at 25m off the bench in A Range.

Any .22 rifle, any sights, any front rest, any rear bags may be used.

Targets are the 25 bull UKBR Target.

Unlimited sighting shots then one shot to count at each bull.

Clipping the centre ring gains ten points, completely covering the centre ring scores an X.


Submit as many cards as you want over the period from February to the Club AGM.


.22 rimfire long range

This is shot prone or off the bench at 100m on C Range.

Any .22 rifle, any sights, any front rest, any rear bags. bags may be used.

Five shots at a target with the aim of getting the smallest group.


Submit as many targets as you want over the period from February to the Club AGM.



This is shot prone or off the bench at the 200 point.

Any rifle that meets the range safety rules, any sights, any front rest and any rear bag.

Five shots at a target with the aim of getting the smallest group.


Submit as many targets as you want over the period from February to the Club AGM.



No witness signatures are required on your targets.


Don’t worry if you think your score or group size isn’t up to scratch, that’s what everyone else thinks about their targets, Get shooting and hand them in to Keith or Tim M




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