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We as a club often run corporate events for groups of people consisting of 10 or more.  If you, your company, group or organisation would like to enquire about holding such an event then please contact the Public Relations officer for further information.  

Divided into groups and following a comprehensive safety briefing you will test your skills on our targets. With an element of competitive spirit in us all, you will receive your scores so you and your friends can ‘rub it in’ later!

This shooting event may also incorporate alternative target shooting activities such as with smaller, more difficult targets or our state of the art turning targets!.

Target Shooting activities are extremely popular with everyone ranging from a corporate day out of the office and for groups.


How long will we be with you?

Target shooting session times run for approximately 2 hours dependant on group size.  Due to the nature of this activity we would not advise groups exceeding 14 as we are only able to accommodate a set number at the range at anyone time. 


Please note that whilst waiting for your turn there may be an element of standing around, however, this is a great opportunity to cheer on your friends and colleagues or not as the case may be if you think your better.

Are you able to take small groups or individual bookings?

Unfortunately due to the team challenge aspect of this event there is a minimum group size of 10 participants.  We do not mix bookings. When you secure your session this becomes exclusive to your group.

What do I need to wear?

Any outdoor weather attire is fine.  Good outdoor footwear is a must especially in the colder wetter months.

What do we get to Shoot

You will initially shoot 50rds of .22 on 3 targets 20 rounds on the first, 20 rounds on the second with the final 10 rounds in a mini competition with certificates being presented to the 3 top scorers, The Highest score wins a extra gift.  The lowest score also receives a small really useful gift so you don't feel left out.

You will also get to shoot 10rds in a 38 special / 357 Magnum underlever rifle such as a Winchester or Marlin.


Other Rifles may be available on the day but this is dependent on your instructors allowing you to shoot there own fire arms. 


It may be possible subject to availability and more so time to shoot full bore for an additional cost, this may be a Lee Enfield .303, 5.56 or similar.

This Extra activity is not guaranteed to be available.

During your time at the club you will have one to one supervission with a fully qualified saeftey officer who will guide and instruct you in the safe hadling of the firearms you will be using.  You must complie withh your Safety Officer at all times

All monies raised goes to help maintain club facilities

£25.00 per Person

Venue Location:

Twyford Range, Derby, DE73 7GA

Session Times:

2 Hours (depending on group size)

Group Size:

The Minimum group size is 10, we do have an upper limit depending on the availability of our Instructors

We can run your event during the following days and times: 

Monday-Tuesday: 18.30-21.00

Thursday-Friday: 18.30-21.00

Saturday: 10.00-18.00


Ages 14+ only

If you are interested in booking a PR event please contact

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